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Gutter Services

Roofs play a crucial role to keep your home protected against the weather elements. Rain gutters are an important addition which are narrow channels fixed around the edge of a roof. The purpose of these systems is to collect rainwater which then gets channeled into a gutter.
Keeping your gutters clean is essential but it is also one of the most tedious tasks for homeowners. Keeping your gutters free from debris helps to weatherproof your home and can also prevent costly roof repairs. Clogged gutters present numerous problems which can be costly to fix later on.
One solution is to regularly clean these rain gutters at least twice a year. The only problem is that doing so can be risky and potentially dangerous without the right equipment. Gutter cleaning needs to be done otherwise it can lead to leaky roofs or cause the gutters to loosen from the weight.
Roof gutters tend to be overlooked by homeowners but these are vital components for every roof.

Gutter-Mesh Gutter Guards

The solution is to have a Gutter-Mesh system installed. These are gutter guards that are designed to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking the gutters on your roof, while still allowing rainwater to easily flow through. The installation of the Gutter-Mesh gutter guards improve the lifespan of your roof.
We provide professional installations for Gutter-Mesh guards so you can focus less on roof maintenance and more on other matters. Your new gutter protection system works all year round to ensure your rain gutters are not clogged by debris.

Gutter-Mesh Gutter Guards Installations

Cleaning the rain gutters is a necessary task to keep your roof in good condition. Gutter-Mesh systems are designed to:

  • Eliminate the need for ladders to climb onto your roof to clean the gutters
  • Keep your home protected from water damage
  • Prevent pest and bird infestations
  • Prevent leaves and debris from clogging the gutter
  • Minimise water overflow during heavy rains
  • Provide a maintenance-free gutter guard with no drilling or tek screws
  • Reduce the chance of gutters rusting
  • Increase the longevity of your life and that of your gutters
  • Improve bushfire protection for your home

Gutter-Mesh is a practical solution to prevent the need to regularly clean rain gutter of debris. These systems are designed to be UV resistant and to suit all weather conditions. We can match all ColorbondĀ® Colours and a range of other tile colours depending on your home.
These systems are fairly straightforward install and we can provide easy DIY installation instructions. We can also have these systems professionally installed by our roofing specialists with minimal disruption.
At WA External Solutions, we deliver a wide range of roofing services throughout Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, and Busselton. All projects are delivered to meet individual requirements without any compromise to quality. Contact us today for an obligation free measure and quote.

Latest Projects

We have worked with numerous homeowners throughout Perth for Gutter-Mesh installations and can do the same for you. Below are some of the latest projects we have worked on.

Gutter Protection Perth

The owner of this home constantly complained about having to clean his rain gutters. Our team went in to do a complete installation of a Gutter-Mesh system on the edge of the home. The homeowner has since been extremely pleased with not having to regularly clean the rain gutters.

Bunbury Gutters

This beautiful home in Bunbury was well-maintained by the homeowner but we noticed that the roof needed quite a bit of work. It looked worn down and the gutters were rusty. Our team did a complete roof restoration and also installed a new rain gutter system.

Dunsborough Gutter

In addition to residential properties, we also perform gutter installations and roof restorations for commercial establishments. We recently did a complete commercial gutter installation for this property that also needed additional work on it.

Gutters Capel

This home in Capel required quite a bit of work when we got there. We replaced the gutters and also helped with restoring the roof to its original condition. The result is what you see in this picture.

Gutter Guard Bunbury

Our team installed a gutter protection system for this home in Bunbury. We also providedĀ roof restoration servicesto add value to the home. Be sure to contact our team for a free quote on all our services.

Gutters And Downpipes

WA External Solutions install a range of gutters and downpipes to suit all roofing requirements, Colorbond, Aluminium, Copper and Stainless Steel.

We can help solve any problem you might have with your guttering system, taking into consideration the diverse weather conditions present in Western Australia from Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury and Busselton.

Outstanding gutter job on a curved roof for the art deco entry of the house. Very tricky piece of work that only a few roof plumbers have the skill to achieve such a fabulous looking result.

Custom curved Gutters
Outstanding gutter job on a curved roof for the art deco entry of the house. Very tricky piece of work that only a few roof plumbers have the skill to achieve such a fabulous looking result.
Marine grade aluminium gutters
Imagine gutters that will never rust, perfect solution for people near the ocean
Custom rainwater heads for Gutters and Downpipes
Our roof plumbers can solve any gutter overflowing issues you might have on your home, or commercial property
Shed Gutters and Downpipes, Margaret River
Large sheds and commercial gutter jobs make up a large portion of our work. Here the new gutters on the storage shed at winery Vasse Felix is one of the jobs we completed recently during their upgrade of facilities.



Thank you for a fabulous job on my house close to the beach and all the elements. The roof needed the restoration and detailed care and love your company offered!

Angela, Bunbury