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Roof and House Painting


Your home is a valuable asset, one that will continue to grow in value. Which is why maintenance is crucial to keep your home in excellent condition. Roofs require regular checks to address any damage such as leaks before conditions worsen. The risk of serious damage is a real possibility the longer any fixes are delayed. We can also take care of your inside and outside house painting.

WA External Solutions Offers Both Roof And House Painting and Restoration Services

Roofs are subjected to brutal conditions especially with the harsh Australian weather. Restorations are often recommended when roofing materials such as tile or metal start to decay. Damage can be minimised greatly with repairs and regular maintenance.

A roof restoration not only adds value to your home, but saves thousands in costly repairs and prevents future problems. Our specialists have the expertise to handle any roofing job. Whether you need a complete restoration or repairs, we can help.

we source our paint from a local west Australian business. As registered painters #7925 we offer full roof restoration services, which include painting of tiled and tin roofs using the latest technology products, to not only maintain your roof but also increase its value. We also offer washing of many roofs and the re-pointing of tiled roofs.

Contact us today for roof restoration services in Perth. We offer a range of services to protect your home.

Roof Restoration Options

Many homeowners unknowingly put their home at risk. Roofs that go years without any maintenance done on them could be developing problems underneath that may prove to be problematic later on. Our services completely restore your roof, saving you the cost of paying for a roof replacement.

Roof restorations are available in:

  • Metal
  • Tile

Your roof will be restored to look brand new and with minimal disruption to your home. Additional services we offer include changing your existing roof covering. This means changing a slate roof to a tile or metal roof. We help you choose the right coverings to suit your requirements.

Our specialists are fully qualified and insured to restore your roof.

House Painting

We also offer external and internal house painting, including ceilings.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free detailed assessment of your property. Our professionals are happy to answer any of your questions.

Take a look at our Deluxe paint colour chart.RC Colour Chart

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WA External Solutions values the long-standing relationships established with our clients. All projects are tailored to meet individual requirements without any compromises on quality. Our professionals follow strict safety procedures and have the necessary licenses for roofing requirements.

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Thank you for a fabulous job on my house close to the beach and all the elements. The roof needed the restoration and detailed care and love your company offered!

Angela, Bunbury